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::Idol Fans::

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♥ You DO NOT have to be a member to view, but you do have to be a member to post!
♥ you MUST credit when taking other people's work and you must comment to them and let you know you are taking it.
♥ if i find out you are taking other people's work and claiming it as your own or not crediting you will be removed from the group!
&heart; be kind to everyone.. no cussing.. all post will be approved before they are posted, but most likely i will post them unless there is a really good reason and i will tell you! YES YOU CAN Advertise over community's in here!
♥ big files have to go under a cut. if they aren't I will not approve your post.. you may have up to 4 icons showing and the rest under a cut.
♥ Every 50 members i get I make a post and the 1st 10 people to comment will get a free grphic from me.. meaning they don't have to credit or anything!!
♥ You Can request but here are few simple rules to follow!

*you can only ask for something once a day.
*you can't post the same post over and over again.
*someone or myself will get to it eventually!
*if no one ever gets to your request after 7 days i will delete it and then *after it is gone for 2 days you may request it again, but if it's deleted again, please don't request it again!
*if you get it done somewhere else and don't need it anymore please contact me to have it deleted..

here is what you will put in your user info.. please comment if you want to swap links. you don't have to have a button!