♥ Beth ♥ (fan4eva4life) wrote in idol_fan,
♥ Beth ♥


Hi guys, I am the new MOD here (and I'm so ecstatic right now- lol) and I think I should tell a bit about myself.

My name is Beth and I'm 14 almost 15. I luv watching TV and obsessed with American Idol and my computer. Kelly really just rox my sox lol She is amazing and I lurv her songs, along with Carrie :) Uh, I'm a South African gal (moved to US almost 4 yrs ago) and really just wanna have fun in life! I enjoy coming on LJ.com and joining comms. I am a fan of sooo many things so thats how I came up with my name. so yeah.

I am gonna try to do my best and spice this comm up a bit! :D

Oh, also keep in mind that I'm a newbie at this stuff and try not to be too harsh. Comments, thoughts, and suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated :)

Your new MOD,


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